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   Add some WoW to your Week!

One of those days, Megha Bajaj, woke up during the Covid Times, and felt that there was just too much anxiety all around. Each day we are bombarded with hundreds and thousands of messages and thoughts – and so much of it is not conducive for us.


She felt the need to start a social initiative called #Spreadcheernotfear on Wednesdays between 5 to 6 pm on her Facebook page which had thousands of thinking, feeling, inspiring engaged readers/viewers who had grown organically over the decade reading her words.


She decided to invite interesting people with real stories of grit, determination, and inspiration. People who knew how to make the most of every situation, and in turn help others too.


What began as a simple TTL – Thought, Technology and Living Room grew to incredible proportions as thousands of people have started tuning in, waiting for the #WoWTalks and messaging saying its their dose of fun, meaning and inspiration for the week.


A #WoWtalk a week is good for the soul, we believe. Try it!

Megha Bajaj Talks

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