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About Me

Megha Bajaj is the award-winning author of several acclaimed books including Thank You, Cancer (Hay House), I Inspire (Jaico), Happiness in the Age of Ambition (Rupa). She has written over a thousand articles for internationally renowned magazines and newspapers. Her beloved guru Mahatria describes her writing by saying, “Megha’s words bypass the mind, and go straight to the heart…”


When you read Megha Bajaj, you feel transported to the world she has created for you. Simple, yet profound; representing both strength and vulnerability – here is an author who is not afraid of being true – to herself, or her readers!


Megha also runs online writing and healing workshops for aspiring authors/seekers and is currently writing film scripts for prominent production houses. She is a loved speaker and has been invited to elite gatherings to share her views and life.

The WoW Author

Words are potent. Words are pure magic. Words create revolutions. Words evoke memories. Words matter. Words are life.

Award-Winning Books

Every great book you read, becomes a part of you. Sometimes as a desire, other times as a dream. Sometimes as an inpsiration, other times as that breakthrough you needed. Books have a life of their own. Let these books take you on a never-before journey!

WoW Ideas,
WoW Talks

Sometimes all it takes is TTL to create magic. This is what happened when one Thought, met some Technology in a Living Room. The WoW talks will nourish your body, mind and soul. Relaxed, easy, happy, inspiring. That's WoW talks for you.

WoW Online Writing & Healing Workshops

What if we told you that you could take all those thoughts and feelings within you and create an incredible article, a powerful story, a meaningful poem or even an award winning book? What if we could make you meet a happier, fresher, and more aligned you?

WoW for Schools

We study Science and Statistics. History and Geography. Languages and Music. And yet, the one thing we do not study is ourselves. Unless we know who we are, and learn key life skills, we can never grow to our infinite potential. Agree? We have an answer!

About My Work

When you love your work, you never work again. Each of these added so much WoW to my soul!

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The WoW in our lives

Love like this feels like a piping cup of chai on a rainy evening - adds that 'WoW' to the soul!

Writes For

Constantly broadening the horizons. Constantly looking at giving wings to our words. To reaching out and inspiring some "WoW" wherever we can.

Latest From Blog

I love to travel. To places. And within. One insight, one experience, and life as we know it changes forever. Hope these pieces add the WoW to your life, that they did to mine.

Let's Work Together

If you have a WoW idea that could change the world as we know it, we are all ears. WoW is constantly buzzing with energy, with love, with people wanting to add WoW Vibes to the world. Whether it is an intriguing book idea, or #WoWtalks thought; be it something within our scope, or even out of the world - at WoW We love expressions - so talk to us!

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