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A brief about WoW!

Wings on Words (WoW) Online Writing and Healing Workshop, is an endeavor under Wonders of Words (WoW). Conceptualized and facilitated by Megha Bajaj, a National Best Selling Author, an ardent seeker, a mentor and an educator. 

A highly acclaimed mentoring program, creatively crafted for AGES (8+) – From students to CEO’s, home-makers to film-makers, corporate professionals to seekers and dreamers.


It is personalized and customized as per the learning needs and available in four different packages to suit your needs (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

WoW is a space for YOU!

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A Red Carpet Book Launch of One of the WoWers. Watch and Celebrate!

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 Real People. Real Stories. Real Changes.

Become an Author

Since a decade thousands of WoWers have been a part of WoW and hundreds of them have established themselves as an author! You will explore ways to understand your innermost thoughts, understand the nuances of fine writing, getting published, authoring books and most importantly, re-discovering a happy, light and beautiful you.

Youth Programme: Transforming generations

A space for students (8 + Years) to develop their personality through one on one interactions, create stories, and grow in love for the art of communication: both written and spoken. From winning awards to achieving excellence in the language, students at WoW are soaring high.

Discover Yourself

Words become a powerful tool to help you become your best version as it helps you understand who you are. Each of us have 60,000 plus thoughts in a day. Which ones are helpful? Which ones create? Which ones need to be dropped? Through novel techniques Megha helps you find your best self.

WoW For Leaders

A creative ME time and a platform for CEO’s and leaders to find time to do what they love. WoW for leaders helps them to communicate more confidently, empower the team better, write better emails and pitches, become influencers and unleash their leadership power to the next level through the magic of words: written and spoken.

Our WoWers growing word by word, book by book!

WoWer’s and their journey with WoW!

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WoW Online Writing And Healing Workshops require personal time and attention of Megha Bajaj and therefore we recommend you to apply ONLY if you are ready, willing and committed to the process towards unfolding the magic of words.

Drop an e-mail to us at info@wonderofwords.org