Wow Schools

Let’s study the self? One WoW subject each week.

What happens when a little bit of WoW meets the 3 L’s namely Language, Life and Leadership skills?

Have you felt that children need to learn how to see themselves, others, and this magnificent thing called Life in the right way?

If yes, then don’t we need to dedicate at least one period each week towards a subject that would allow them to think, to feel, to understand, to empathize, to feel grateful and also get inspired?


The WoW Subject is for preschools and all standards of school from LKG to Twelfth standard and through well thought of worksheets, helps every child to develop six key language skills: 


  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Listening,
  • Speaking,
  • Grammar and Vocabulary 

along with key Life Skills like kindness, compassion, confidence, respect, trust, and many more.

WoW for Schools is a brainchild of Megha Bajaj and her sister Dr Nidhi Bajaj Gupta who studied from some of the most premium institutes of the world, and still felt it was only when they finally came to their spiritual mentor did they feel better equipped to handle the world within with its myriad emotions and happenings.


This inspired them to create a curriculum which would help children to get an edge by learning the Laws of Life and the Inner Workings of their Mind and Being through unbelievably simple and yet fun worksheets.


Hear it from a few Principals, Teachers, Parents and Students how their WoW experiences have been: