WoW 3L

A programme for students

In Love With Learning

The WoW 3L programmes hopes to make children life-ready and not just exam-ready. Aimed at PRE-SCHOOL till GRADE-12 across all boards, the informational yet fun programme will make children fall in love with vocabulary and language; enhance writing skills, learn essential life skills; develop important attitudes such as self-love, introspection, empathy and gratitude; become good team players; build confidence levels  and moral values; and develop expressive communication.


WoW 3Ls is the brainchild of bestselling author Megha Bajaj who studied from some of the most premium institutes of the world and still felt it was only when she finally came to her spiritual mentor that she was better equipped to handle the world within with its myriad emotions and happenings.


This inspired her to create a curriculum which would help children to get an edge by learning the laws of life and the inner workings of the mind and being through this unbelievably simple yet fun programme.

What We Offer





A positive
in students

Helps in the holistic development of each child – so they know themselves better.


If a single period per week is dedicated to WoW 3Ls, teachers notice a change in attitude in children towards English as well as themselves, their parents and their friends.


All key aspects of English – reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening & speaking find expression through the programme.





Exclusive mentoring sessions with a bestselling author that will  go a long way in creating student-leaders.


A 360-degree approach (involving correspondent, teachers, students and parents) that will help to take key language, life  and leadership skills down to the last student.



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