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I love to travel. To places. And within. One insight, one experience, and life as we know it changes forever. Hope these pieces add the WoW to your life, that they did to mine.

  • Guru Prasad Makam

    by Megha Bajaj

    The power of 11 had a strange effect on this well-known and well-loved Chartered Accountant called Guru Prasad Makam. He also …

  • The Voice

    by Megha Bajaj

    Within each one of us, it exists. A voice. It is a voice that refuses to be shushed down. It may …

  • Becoming Bliss

    by Megha Bajaj

    Growing up, I wasn’t always happy. I didn’t fit in my school – I wasn’t one of those kids who could …

  • Being Woman

    by Megha Bajaj

    Growing up as a second baby girl in a large Marwari joint household, I was made aware very early, about my …

  • New Year. Old me?

    by Megha Bajaj

    Did you, like me, buy a brand-new book, a brand new pen with a shiny tip just when you had to …

  • #2020 #MyYear #Life 

    by Megha Bajaj

    There are three secrets I learnt this year. Here they are! Writing is as natural as breathing to me. Wait, I …