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  • Becoming Bliss

    by Megha Bajaj

    Growing up, I wasn’t always happy. I didn’t fit in my school – I wasn’t one of those kids who could …

  • Being Woman

    by Megha Bajaj

    Growing up as a second baby girl in a large Marwari joint household, I was made aware very early, about my …

  • New Year. Old me?

    by Megha Bajaj

    Did you, like me, buy a brand-new book, a brand new pen with a shiny tip just when you had to …

  • #2020 #MyYear #Life 

    by Megha Bajaj

    There are three secrets I learnt this year. Here they are! Writing is as natural as breathing to me. Wait, I …

  • #METOO

    by Megha Bajaj

    As the #MeToo Movement takes the world by storm, I cannot help but pause and think to myself… I have had …

  • The right vibe

    by Megha Bajaj

    I believe, there exist, two worlds. One – which we can see. And second – the one that creates everything that …

  • The God Center

    by Megha Bajaj

    I believe each of us, have within us, a God center. That sacred, untouched, Silent space from which everything else arises. …

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