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by Megha Bajaj

A seeker at heart from a very young age, and an unconventional student of sorts, Megha Bajaj would prefer bunking school (J B Petit, Fort), and sitting on the terrace facing the sea, scribbling away, in conversation with God in her mind. An amazing journey started with the magic of her words spreading the message of happiness & self-worth far and wide.

From a young age Megha was drawn towards working with youngsters and while still at college, she taught English to about 50 students from a nearby slum. When a leading newspaper wrote a full-page article on this, it helped many more youngsters take up the cause in their homes, causing a beautiful revolution. A beautiful realization made her work more into this niche and create a wonderful framework for youngsters to learn and thrive on #lifeskills from an early age.

About Wonders of Words (WoW)

Megha Bajaj - Write a best-selling book online classes

As an Author

Her Best-sellers and
Words That Awaken

Megha Bajaj has written a few books and each has created significant impact in its own right and given her great joy.

Her bestsellers include Thank You Cancer (2009), I Inspire (2015), Happiness In The Age of Ambition (2020), and The Breakthrough (2020).

With more than 40,000 followers of social media, her thoughts and insights inspire people all across the globe.

As an Author-Mentor

WoW Online
Writing and Healing Workshop

Megha Bajaj also runs her own online writing workshops which have inspired over 1000 people from across the globe to take up writing and even become bestsellers.

WoWers have published their own books and won appreciation in their endeavours, after being mentored and guided by Megha.

WoWers achieve personal, professional and spiritual breakthroughs through Megha’s mentoring.

As an Edupreneur

WoW 3L’s (Language + Life + Leadership Skills) Program

WoW workbooks for Class LKG – 12th (now extended to college students as well) on the 3 L’s Language + Life + Leadership skills have been inspiring over 1,00,000 students in India over the last decade.

It is a unique curriculum of its kind which has been recognized as a pioneer in imparting life and social skills to youth.

Several premium schools across India have incorporated it into their academic calendar due to its progressive features in making young minds future-ready.

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