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Megha Bajaj has written several books (and many more are on their way – including a National Bestseller). An editor once commented, “Megha can take the most complex of subjects and make them appear so simple. She has brought God into the neighbourhood, through her words.” Her niche is writing biographies of inspiring personalities from across the globe and she has this uncanny ability to sniff stories from anywhere and everywhere and make them come alive in the most beautiful ways. In her own words: 

Stories are here, there, everywhere. Like rats running upon the grey pathways. Or stars shooting across the inky skies.

They cross us in our everyday lives, like the saree clad, red bindi aunty you met beside the vegetable vendor and smiled at. Or grow with us, like the hands of your grandmother, which aged and wrinkled a little more since you last visited her.

Some stories are pungent – like mango pickle. Your face scrunches in all possible directions, but you know, you just loved what you bit into. Other stories are bland – like water. Tasteless, and yet so essential to our being.

From the time I was a little girl, stories have wooed me. Ask the four year old me, “How was your weekend?” and instead of the common, “I watched Doordarshan with my cousins, and collected shells upon a seaside,” I would respond with trysts with dragons and flights upon mammoth butterfly wings.

I wasn’t lying. I just could not help the overactive thalamus – imagination was something I caught upon the first breath itself. And it’s grown into epic proportions within me.

As I grew up, storytelling became my very nature.

I realized the way I see, listen, taste, touch and smell the world is so delightful, so intense, so beautiful that I simply had to let others know what was going on.

Words became my companions and I held onto them for dear life. To make sense, and non-sense out of everything that was.



We all want to be happy and successful and keep chasing these throughout our lives. However, only 4-5 per cent of people end up becoming successful and from among them less than one per cent become successful and happy. What is the secret that makes them sit at the top of the pyramid? What makes them who they are?

Author Megha Bajaj set out on journey and visited different parts of the country and discovered eleven such individuals who were truly happy and successful in a country of 1.3 billion people! She realized that these rare individuals had one thing in common— they all had had many significant events in their lives. But what made them stand apart was these individuals had the rare ability to make an ordinary event into a significant one and then turn that into a BREAKTHROUGH.


Happiness in the age of Ambition

This is the story of a 'corporate spiritualist', if ever there was one.

It started with a young author Megha Bajaj’s quest to find answers to the questions that surrounded her existence—Is it possible to be childlike and yet have the wisdom of an old soul, to lead a life that is materialistically abundant and yet spiritually grounded?


Her search led her to Hari Prasad Kanoria, a ‘corporate spiritualist’ whose life was an example of how to be passionately involved in day-to-day activities and still have a part of the ‘self’ immersed in the divine consciousness. This was a man who balanced his life on two pillars—faith in God and belief in oneself. As Megha Bajaj looked into Hari Prasad’s life, she started finding answers to the everyday dilemmas she had been facing. In Happiness in the Age of Ambition she takes on the role of a Kathavachak (the narrator) to share the extraordinary tale of Hari Prasad and SREI, the company that he founded.


This book is not just the story of a business legend but an answer to the trials and tribulations of people across the world as they struggle to find that very fine balance to manage the contradictions of life that threaten their peace of mind. It is a book for the young and old alike; for those looking for meaning in life, and those seeking materialistic pleasures.

Happiness in the age of Ambition


Published by Hay House

Sometimes, just sometimes, it takes breast cancer to convince a seemingly ordinary woman to discover her extraordinariness, her mission in life. A highly inspiring and motivating book – based on real-life cases – that enables women to fight breast cancer by putting mind over body. Despite the odds stacked against them, they not only succeeded in getting cured but also became the source of inspiration for many other women afflicted by breast cancer. The author (whose mother overcame breast cancer) presents, apart from the conventional treatment (including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation), complementary therapies (such as yoga, meditation, reiki and pranic healing) as well, which can go a long way in dealing positively with the after-effects of breast cancer.

I Inspire: The Story of Neerja Malik as told to Megha Bajaj

Published by Jaico

“A must read for anyone who has ever rolled their eyes skyward and asked, “Hey God, is there like a road map to life?” Srinagar was dressed in her autumn best. Like blushing brides, the trees were clothed in bright red, their graceful limbs swaying eagerly forth in the wind, and then, as if suddenly recalling their modesty, holding back just a bit. Neerja’s grandmother was busy in the kitchen. The smell of pickles enticed the chubby little girl and she walked in to watch the elderly woman create magic with her wrinkled hands. Every now and then, she would steal a piece of sour green mango, flick it into the air and catch it in her mouth. The taste was heaven… pure heaven. “Oh nani, I love you!” Neerja sighed. “This is the greatest treasure you could ever give me!”
“Oh, no, my little one”, replied her grandmother, beating masalas into a bowl to marinate the cut raw mango pieces. “Raw mangoes are not the greatest treasure.”
“I give up Nani! Tell me, tell me now, what is the greatest treasure?”
Equal parts humorous and soul stirring, the deeply personal and disturbingly honest I Inspire reveals how the human spirit is much, much bigger than anything it endures.”

One Woman, Two Advanced Cancers, Conquered

One of the most impressive books on conquering cancer – in fact, the first of its kind where Science meets Spirituality with a tad bit of humour. This book contains a very inspiring story of a woman who conquered two advanced cancers, revolutionary diet ideas that could help in your journey in conquering cancer, tips for care-givers, recipes of anti-cancer juices and food, notes from eminent doctors and healers and lots more. A must read for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and faith.


E-Cube: Entertaining, Enlightening, Eccentric movies - that’s what excites Megha

Reading Megha Bajaj’s articles in magazines, several directors and producers connected with her and she is currently on her way to writing a script for a leading production house.