The Best is Yet to Come…


I remember as a little girl, I was quite an excited little person and would delight in all the simple joys of life. I was once sitting by the window on a Diwali and squealing each time a rocket would find its way into the night skies and burst with all its might, and light. The stars, the colours, the elaborate designs it made against the inky black enthused me and I kept Oohing and Aahing in excitement. My mother and grandmother were watching me with a half-smile, and some concern. Just then my granny said, “Itna mat has, hasee mein khasee ho jaeygi!” (In essence – don’t laugh so much or you will have reasons to cry!) My mother reiterated her statement. And somehow, the moment lost its vigor for me. I just sat watching the skies, muted.

Such a small, seemingly irrelevant, everyday incident and yet, the impact it had on my belief system was immense. Somehow, I started believing each time I would go through a high in life, it would be followed by a low. Happiness would lead to sadness. Gain would follow loss. As the thoughts, as the beliefs, so was life.

I would experience an incredible success, and then a failure. I would have the best relationship, and suddenly it would hit rock bottom. I would feel such peace, and it would be followed by chaos. I accepted this as the Truth and it became mine.

Until I met my guru, Mahatria. For the first time I started understanding that life follows thoughts and beliefs, and when you change the roots, what shoots, changes. For the first time I began to examine my patterns, my belief systems and was amazed to see how much was right, and also needed correction. It was only then did I even realize that the root of this belief in me that every high would be followed by low, started that one Diwali.

As I began to change my belief system, I began to break this up-down pattern in my life. And then, one of those days, I met a friend who gave me such a simple mantra for life that it became even easier. She had planned a beautiful birthday for me, and it was overwhelming to receive so much love, blessings and gifts from across the world. I wrote a message of gratitude to her – saying, it was the best birthday I had ever had. Immediately she wrote to me, “The best is yet to come…”

The incredible thing about belief systems is, it takes very simple, ordinary moments to cause a shift. Somehow this sentence just stuck to me – The best is yet to come…

Each time I experienced a moment with a loved one, where I felt I was in heaven, from a little corner the quiet but firm voice would come – The best is yet to come… and instantly, as I was enjoying the moment with a beloved, I would instantly know, even more depths of bliss of love awaited me.

Each time I won an award for my work and felt, this was the ultimate recognition, from a crevice in my mind, the sentence would immediately pop – The best is yet to come… and immediately it would make me feel grateful for what I had, and aspirational for what could be. It re-set my axis.

Every time I felt fit and energetic, there the voice was telling me, the best is yet to come. Each time I had a spiritual experience or insight, that made me feel that my very existence was worth it, I heard, the best is yet to come. Every peaceful moment as a seeker was followed by, the best is yet to come…

My very life now has become a reflection of this mantra – the best is yet to come. Highs are not followed by lows, but higher. There is no limit to what I can be, what I can feel and how much I can have. Every moment, my subconscious believes – the best is yet to come.

The best is yet to come… no matter how your 2023 has been, this is the echo I want to leave you with. May it become a lingering. A truth. Your reality.

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Varsha March 1, 2024 - 3:49 pm

A great piece 🙂

Jarna Khimani March 4, 2024 - 11:34 am

I loved it, simply put and so thought provoking. 🙂 Thank you ma’am for sharing this.


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