Chai Chahiye.

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For people like me,
chai is not a drink.
It is an emotion.
Chai means various things to me, as I walk by a week.
Chai at miraaya, our space of work
means time for brainstorming sessions.
The entire team gets together.
Puts their thinking caps – blue, white, black and green.
Maushi serves each person their version of chai,
and the wheels in our minds start turning.
Slowly, at first,
and faster and faster,
as the tea enters our system.
Ah, I love my miraaya chai.
Chai at my sister’s place
is a celebration of sisterhood.
Add a cheese toast to it and the box of
and giggles
and nostalgia
and love
opens up
for good.
It’s a feeling of togetherness.
Chai with Ma…
is a reminder of how much she loves me.
And how close to home I am.
She will keep asking
if the masala is okay
the sugar is fine
what would I like to eat
and sit with me
gazing with love
as I sip,
bit by bit, on my cup of life.
With milk, without milk,
a delicate twirl of rose,
or the louder and bossier cinnamon,
Peppermint, Spearmint, tulsi leaves crushed a few
A dash of lime, honey are you coming too?
Chai, chai, chai.
For people like me,
chai is not a drink.
It is an emotion.

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