Depths of my Silence

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Can you hear me?
I am calling out to you…
Not on the phone, or on Whatsapp or over an email.
I am calling out to you…
From the depths of my Silence.

Words? I dwell in them. I dissolve in them. They are my bridge to you. I use them in every way I can. But it is also true. Words can be misconstrued. They can be twisted. Turned. In ways one can not imagine. Happens to you? You say something. You mean something. But he understands it in a completely different way. She listens to that which you do not say.

But Silence?
It is complete in itself.
There is no room for misunderstanding.
In Silence.
And hence, today I call to you from the depths of my Silence.

I wish to tell you who I am. Without saying a word. I wish to know who you are, without listening to a thing. Let your past, speak – to my past. Let’s exchange stories of bliss and pain, of injuries and inspiration. Of days that slipped by unnoticed, and moments that made us all that we are worth. Let your Silence, talk to mine. And understand – though we grew up in such different places, we share spaces.

I call out to you, from the depth of my Silence.

To understand my dreams. To become a part of yours. I wish to expand the circle of our vision to see if they can intersect. Can dreams be shared? I am sure they can be. I feel like sitting across a table, looking into your eyes, and allowing our dreams to meet. To grow. To expand. And possibly explode.

Today, I call out to you from the depths of my Silence.

My voice can be lost. One among so many others you hear each day. And yours maybe forgotten by me too. But our Silence? If we have shared a moment and experienced, it together – I know it will come with us, till we breathe our last.

I am not the curls. The eyes. The Indian skin. The slim frame. Or thin lips. I am not my thoughts. I am none of those. But I know for sure… I am my Silence. And you? I am sure this title, and role; the status and payroll… don’t define you. You are the Silence, too.

No matter what we do. Whether we are aware of it or not. There is something within us, watching us. Quietly. Hushed. Just observing. Not judging. Not questioning. Not emoting. Not thinking. Just Being. That is Silence.

Every moment, Silence is suffusing into my like tea into a pan of boiling water. It is changing my colour. It is adding to the taste. It is taking over me. This Silence.

Today, I call out to you. Using, words, yes. But from the depths of my Silence. To tell you I love you. I cherish you. I feel one with you. Strangely the you can be anyone. The husband. The puppy. The stranger. The estranged. Because, you see, here is the thing about Silence.

Everything, dissolves into it.
You are not you, in Silence.
I am not me, in Silence.
Nothing exists.
Everything exists.
In Silence.
Beautiful, Silence.
Can you feel it?

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1 comment

Sumit Dhelia October 6, 2020 - 9:32 pm

I remember somewhere I read, speak is silver but silence is golden. let’s my silence knock someone door sometimes


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