Shhhh. Relax. At Kare, Mulshi.

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Shhh… Relax.
A meditative blue lake
Makes its presence felt
Amidst the dark browns
And the lush greens
As you breathe in the view
From a lazy chair.
The chattering mind begins to Silence.
Shhh… Relax.
Wake up to the Kare herbal tea
Wear your flip flops and go to the yoga hall
Attend the sessions so intense
And yet deeply
Launched by the legend BKS Iyengar himself,
The quieter mind begins to find Stillness.
Shhh… Relax.
Relish the Sattvik breakfast
Made up of
Fruits and some light snacks
And then it’s time for
The massage.
Chants. Ayurveda oils. Smiling Masseurs.
The still mind feels like it can finally let go of Itself.
Shhh… Relax.
The rooms overlooking the Mulshi lake
The company – usually people
From across the world
And it finally happens…
A gap, a space, and Aha, that state,
Where no mind exists at all.
Peace. Peace. Peace.
Shhh… Relax.
Where: Kare Yoga and Ayurveda Health Retreat, Mulshi Lake, Near Pune.

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