Three Beautiful Quarantine Stories To Uplift You


I am a people watcher. I love to observe happenings around me, dynamics of relationships, growth spurts – and if it’s of a beautiful nature, I go into a state of wonder. Even the minutest things, I observe. And cherish. It makes me happy to see the world become a little more right, each day. I hold onto these thoughts and feelings of beauty, and it keeps me going. Here are three stories from around me that really touched me.

The first is of a couple who was contemplating a divorce. And Quarantine threw them in together. They believed they couldn’t bear the sight of each other and would eat each other’s head off. And yet, one of them decided to make it work (surprising how it takes one to change the direction of things) and said to themselves, they would give it their best. Maybe this was life’s way of giving them a second chance. From re-living their holiday times, to bringing in conversation yet again – from finding time to get healthy together, to meditating, little by little everything began to happen. Today the only D on their mind is Dreaming of a beautiful future. And their next holiday. One decision, tiny steps, willingness to make things work and the quarantine served as a beautiful opportunity to build, not break.

The second is of one of my young WoWers who came home to Chennai from her University in London during the pandemic. A beautiful girl with potential that can move the world (I call her my Niagra falls in a bone china cup), she began expressing herself – first through the written word and gradually even through the spoken one. She didn’t know she could – but she did. Gave her first open mic, and then some more. And finally, even did a fund raiser (raising 2 Lakhs plus) by bringing hundreds of poets and authors together on a platform. The metamorphosis of a somewhat unsure, awkward teenager into a graceful, poised young woman has left me with a smile. In the heart.

The last is of an eighty five year old in my own family who fought Covid. Considering he is a cancer conqueror (who conquered throat cancer just two years ago), was in the ICU, had to be put on ventilator and plasma – and is now home after two grueling months with a big smile, and a desire to visit his son in the US very soon uplifted me. It made me realize that the will to live, the resilience to keep going, and ability to dream no matter what is what makes the human spirit so beautiful.

Just writing these made me so happy – hope to spread the joy with you. And through you. If there is one thing I wish to be carrier for right now it is love, inspiration and cheer. You!?

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Jasmine Bhatia July 3, 2021 - 7:38 pm

Loved it, love to see the world being right each day

whoiscall May 19, 2023 - 7:44 pm

Thanks for the great article!


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