Developing the Intuition

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From as long as I can remember, I have been an intuitive person. From choosing people to work with, or projects to undertake – intuition has helped tremendously. Intuition is nothing but a hunch, a feeling – that may not necessarily be based on facts. You see someone and you just know they are going to play an integral role in your life. You see another person and the caution blinkers go ballistic. “Stay away, stay away” a siren rings in your head for no particular reason. You just know someone is going to call you on a particular day. All these are instances of intuition.

So while some people are highly intuitive and base much of their decision making on this, others are not. I have been asking myself – how can I make my intuition more powerful, and how can I develop it further.

Some answers that I have discovered are…

First, the more the mind is quiet, the more intuition works. When the mind is a drunken monkey, running helter skelter, objectivity cannot be attained. There is so much activity going on in the mind that the whispers of the intuition go unnoticed. So to begin with, using meditation to calm the mind and prepare it to develop intuitive powers – seems a must.

Second, I have come to realize that when I am in a sway of emotions, the intuition doesn’t work. When I have very strong likes, dislikes, intense mood swings – it becomes difficult for the faculty of intuition to guide us. Emotions are all encompassing – and when we are feeling something, it once again becomes difficult to remain neutral and to hear the intuitive mind. A calm, emotion free mind seems to be the first step towards beginning to tap the power of intuition.

Third, I believe is openness. Sometimes what the intuitive mind is trying to tell you goes beyond your conscious mind. Say we meet someone and the conscious mind feels everything is great. The person looks fine, speaks well and in every way seems to be a great fit for whatever it is that you are looking for. And yet, something within doesn’t seem completely “right” or “in place”. The intuitive mind is connected to the cosmos and hence knows – way beyond – what the conscious mind does. So it is important for us to be open – and accepting to views contrary to what seems obvious. Only with this openness, can the intuitive mind really speak to us.

Last but not the least, there are some psychic ways to develop one’s intuitive powers. The human body has seven chakras and the third eye chakra or the Ajna (between eyes) is considered to be the one connected to intuition. The sound OM is associated to balancing this chakra. When one focuses between their eyes and chants OM, they are activating the intuition centre and allowing more energy to flow here.

Intuition is a wonderful tool to have. It guides. It protects. Developing this could make relationships, decision-making and hence life itself a more beautiful process. I have an intuition, you are going to agree.   

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Chandrikala Sanwar June 5, 2021 - 9:32 pm

Hi! I enjoyed reading your recent post on ” The Voice”.
If only, we all would LISTEN to that one single VOICE, wouldn’t this world be a HAPPY PLACE?


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