You are moments away from a Breakthrough!

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Why does one read a book? I can answer for myself. In the hope that it will change my thought process, and therefore my life, in a beautiful way. If it entertains along the way, cherry on the cake!

Why does one write a book? I can answer for myself. To share, that which I know at the core of my being, with the world. To also share, the wisdom which I do not know – but comes from the beyond, with the world.

I have had a breakthrough.

And I want you to have one too.

This could be the beginning of something you have waited for all your life.

Yes. Let’s read this again.

This could be the beginning of something you have waited for all your life.

Although you are reading this book now, the seed for it was sown eleven years ago when my beloved guru Mahatria revealed to me that my words have the potential to change the world. He made me recognize that my words come from a very deep, sacred space and hence they completely bypass the mind of readers and go straight to their heart and create the breakthroughs needed.

In my twenties, I could not wrap my head around such a huge ideal and such lofty notions. Me? Transform? The world? If I could wake up happy on a day, and go to sleep happy, it would have been enough for me. A sensitive and intense person, I wore my heart on my sleeves and had it ruptured about ten times in a day. How could this tiny me do something that humongous? Yes, I did crave to make a difference and people kept telling me that my words created magic for them – but I still could not fathom the depth of His words. The doing – that is writing, was in place. But the being – the curly haired, eccentric, dreamy person called Megha Bajaj had a lot of growing up to do.

And I did.

Grow up, that is.

I began to learn how to manage emotions (mine, and that of others) better. I began to have more meaningful conversations with Life. I began to explore my potential. The writing began to reach farther and in 2010 I won the most read writer award through a magazine which was read across 65 countries in the world! Every experience kept re-iterating, “Write, it leads to transformations; write, it leads to transformations!”

However, it was in November 2016, that the seed finally burst forth. A magnificent spiritual confluence had been organized and my Guru gave a few coveted awards to a handful of seekers among thousands, who were living lives worthy of being emulated: healthy, wealthy, blissful, loving and spiritually aligned. As I sat there, mesmerized by the stories of growth – how such ordinary people had achieved such extraordinary results, I experienced a soul nudge.

In that instant I knew, what I was supposed to do…

It was my calling to get under the skin of these inspirations who had somehow understood the laws of life, who knew the secret to attracting breakthroughs and bring them to the world so that each one of you could have Breakthroughs too.

What is a Breakthrough?

It’s a complete shift in the way you think, you feel, you experience things – leading to a paradigm shift in your life. Before a breakthrough, and after a breakthrough – nothing remains the same.

You could be looking for a breakthrough in your health. Or your wealth. Or in relationships. Or even as a seeker, in your alignment with God or Life.

You could be waiting for a breakthrough for a few months, or all your life.

This could be your moment of breakthrough. In fact, that you are reading this right now, I have faith, it is.

I set off on a mission of finding eleven people (the number is sacred to me because it is on 11.11.2011 that the spiritual path called infinitheism divined by Mahatria was born – and He first seeded the thought in me 11 years ago, and the day I watched the award being given too was 11.11.2016). Mystical?

Strangely, for close to two years nothing really happened. I kept this idea within the womb of my Silence, and nurtured by forces unknown to me, it began to grow. About two years later I met the founder of inPace, Arun Kumar Natha, who had left his role as the Finance Director of a global giant like Amazon to pursue his vision of wanting to create 11 global brands from India. I began to discuss my dream with him, and he lovingly mentored me.

Since my immediate world consisted of people from the same spiritual path as me, I found myself inclined towards them and began the incredible journey of finding my Eleven Breakthrough Believers. I came up with a questionnaire to measure what had seemed immeasurable till date – parameters to see if the people I wanted to feature in the book were indeed living a holistically abundant life. I interviewed them on parameters of health, wealth, family life and spiritual alignment.

One after the one, almost like a dream, they started coming forth. From Hyderabad, From Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon and Bengaluru. Like magnets, I started getting drawn to them and they to me – until I had all my eleven in place and surprisingly each came from unique industries and had very special stories to tell.

These breakthrough stories are so simple, so real – that you will feel you are reading about a friend, a cousin or even the next-door neighbor. And yet, what happens to them with their breakthroughs will leave your jaw open. Profound meets simplicity in The Breakthrough. Ordinary meets extraordinary in The Breakthrough. Science meets spirituality in The Breakthrough. And I believe, you will meet a part of you – one that no one else, but you know of, here too.

People who have read the stories, say that it plays out before them as blockbuster movies. You don’t just read the stories, you watch them. You don’t just watch them, you live them. You don’t just live them, you become them.

August 2019, I began the journey of The Book of Breakthroughs – first with interviewing these Breakthrough Believers and then writing their stories. I began to notice an unbelievable shift in myself – as a person, as an author and especially as a seeker. The vagaries that life does bring, the complexities of relationships, the adventures that come when you pursue your passion and profession of life – everything started becoming exciting. The more I wrote, the more breakthroughs I began to have and when I put the last full stop to this book, I knew, everything about me had changed forever.

I had become a Breakthrough author, even without realizing it.

In March 2020, the next phenomenal Breakthrough happened. I met Sridhar Ranganathan, CEO of a wellness company who has such myriad interests that he seemed to be living 22 hours, in a day. A book with the potential to change the world was sitting in my desktop – but how would I take it to the world, were questions that remained unanswered for me. Imagine the power of thoughts – his, and mine – Sridhar was wanting to reach out to the world and tell them Breakthroughs are possible (since he is living a life of miraculous unfolding) and I wanted someone who could facilitate just that. He joined our Breakthrough Movement as the Chief Evangelist Officer and ever since there has been no looking back.

I am infinitely grateful to Dibakar Ghosh, the editor in chief at Rupa who with his incredible team has moved mountains to help bring this book to you, in unheard of speed and efficiency, even through the worst time that humanity has experienced.

You holding this book in your hands is not a co-incidence. And you know it.

It’s your time now.

To have a breakthrough.

You are the next Breakthrough Believer!

Megha Bajaj

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