Faith is not a substitute for action

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I had gone out for lunch with a seeker friend. Someone who like me, loves to talk about things like life, faith, growth, Silence. She has been trying to get rid of her weight for a while now – in fact, it’s something that always comes up in her conversations, so I am sure it’s a dominant thought. I was a little surprised to watch her order food which was undoubtedly fatty. She then said to me, “You know Megha, I meditate so much and I have so much faith that I will get slimmer, yet, somehow it’s just not happening!” I grinned and didn’t feel I should say anything. But it triggered a thought process in me. Faith is not a substitute for action.

I realized so often, we believe that faith is a substitute to action. I admit, at times, I too have fallen prey to this pattern. Faith is a very powerful resource. No wonder my beloved Guru Mahatria has placed it on the top of the charts for the eleven resources required to reach legendary possibilities. Desires is the second. However, what connects these two is consistent, intelligent efforts.

Everyone knows action is important – but at times, I myself ask, “How much action is enough? At what point does action suffice, and faith take over?” I had a beautiful realization today. If someone has to ask a mother, what all will she do for her child – will she say a few things and stop? Wouldn’t she say, “What would I not do for him or her?” If a teacher has to be asked how much he would do for his student, wouldn’t one who is committed say, “I would just give it my all!” Will a compassionate doctor not care for his patient’s health till he is healed? And therein lies the answer.

If we want something, we must give our everything to it. There is no end to excellence. No bottom to depth. No limit to love. And so it is to achieve an ardent desire – until you have achieved it, action is a must. Faith is not a substitute for action. What needs to be done, needs to be done.

If health is an objective – meditation alone is not going to make one reach it. Healthy food habits, exercises, good sleep has to be included. Saying I want to lose weight as we grab yet another French fry is kind of like the student going to the temple before his exam, instead of opening the book.

If wealth and success is what we want – we need to wake up each morning and ensure we are doing what is needed to take our passion to the world. As an author I used to wonder – why can my role not end at creating what I believe is a great book? Why do I also have to be involved in designing, editing, sales, marketing and promotions. Is it not enough to create a quality product? No, it’s not. And accepting this has given me a lot of peace. I always thought as an author it was okay to be locked up in one room, in a state of happy bliss, typing away to glory – but I have realized, it’s not. I have to develop additional skills; I have to keep challenging myself to reach where I must. It’s not just going to happen by itself. Faith is not a substitute for action.

With relationships, I have seen consistent, intelligent efforts working like a dream. Somehow, we have this strange notion that while other things need our time and attention, relationships will set themselves right by themselves. This is not the case. I am personally seeing how much of time, love, patience and efforts is needed to create even a handful of relationships that stand the test of time and the vagaries of life. Yes, I pray. I meditate for the peace of my loved ones and myself. At the same time, that is not a replacement for the quality time I need to invest to create these.

Faith is indeed a very powerful resource. I have seen it working miracles like nothing else. That random meeting. That unexpected call and the domino effect it led to. That chance information coming at just the right time. Things happening in ways I cannot explain. I have seen it all. At the same time, I have seen – its only when I have given it my all, do I even qualify for faith and miracles. Faith is not a substitute for action. Faith, and the miracles it brings with it, is the reward of action.

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