The Voice


Within each one of us, it exists.
A voice.
It is a voice that refuses to be shushed down. It may keep quiet for a bit, but then, once again it speaks.
This voice?
It knows.
The Truth.

Even when the mind tries to play games and convinces you to do what is wrong – because in that moment, it can make it look right, the voice remains firm. It says what it has to. Objectively.
This voice is the Highest intelligence. And it does not choose. At our very birth, we are gifted with it. And it remains with us till the time we die. Whether we are rich, or poor. Intelligent, or not. A CEO, or a clerk. Each one of us has a voice within.
This voice is our opportunity – to live the life that Life believes we can. It works with our strengths, our weaknesses – our past, our future, and whispers at every crucial stage, telling us what we need to know.

No matter who we are. Where we are. In what situations. In what state of relationships. The voice can lead us higher. It can lead us deeper. It can lead us beyond.
All we really need to do is listen.
And yet, all we do not do is listen.

Rushes of thoughts, gushes of emotions. Patterns and experiences. Judgments and biases. We allow each of these to colour our perception. We allow it to cloud over.
If only we could sit.
And listen.

No answer to the Univserse would be beyond us.

What is available to you, is available to me. What is available to him, is available to her. We live in a Universe that is so magnanimous that it can think of nothing else but giving.
So why does scarcity still exist in the world, and in our lives?
Because, we stopped listening.
To the Voice.

So what do we do now?
Nothing much.

In fact, most answers from life are so simple, that we can not comprehend them. Our minds want something complex, something compound. And yet, life stuns us with its simplicity.
Right now, my dear friend, do not move on and keep reading.

Close the book once you are done reading this.
Close your eyes.
Sit in a place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.
And just be.
Just listen.

First you will hear the obvious sounds. The fan. Vehicles. Or whatever is your environment.
As you continue listening, you will hear your mind speak. It will fill you with a myriad thoughts. Some relevant. Some irrelevant. Food, goals, dreams. Conflicts, people, routine. Thoughts will churn. And thoughts will churn.
If you still go deeper. Not allowing the thoughts to take you over. Rather observing them, as they are. Watching them, as an outsider. Suddenly, out of nowhere the clouds will clear up. And all you will be left with is the azure sky of your being.
All you will be left with will be The Voice.
It will tell you what you need to know.
Acting on it, is not always easy.
And yet, all those people who became all they could be – did, because they listened. They followed. Not the voices of people around – but the voice within.
We all have it.
This Voice.
And it can give us everything we seek.

Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to follow? Are you willing to allow it to be The Voice that guides your life? If yes, life will never be the same again.
Happy listening.

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Kavita July 15, 2022 - 4:05 pm

The Voice…. So good and 100 % true article. My self feel my inner voice within me all the time. Article is really amazing…

Priyanka Chadchan September 15, 2023 - 3:29 pm

A beautiful article! It makes you think and listen to yourself. Allows you to understand yourself deeper. A great reading experience!


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