Kanha, the flute.

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My spiritual travel series had to begin with the place where Silence is louder than the songs of the birds that tear at the heart of the misty forest mornings, louder even than the distant roar of a tiger. Yes, Kanha… Beautiful Kanha.
The trees so tall wrapped in mystery of years bygone the jungle trip nothing less than a treasure hunt in the hope to meet him eye to eye Tiger, Tiger, Burning bright…
Evenings as you sit by the wilderness
and the lagoon a part of you dissolves into the sunset… a virgin mojito in my hands a barbecue platter by my side best friend for life for company Kanha when I am with you,
I feel, in the strangest ways That I am home.
Where: Kanha National Park
Recommended places to stay: Chitvan Lodge, The Baagh, Banjaar Tola by Taj

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