Manifestation… demystified.

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These days, manifestation has become the trending word for seekers across the globe. Everyone is trying to manifest something – health, wealth, relationships, spiritual blessings… from the young to the old. Does manifestation work? Absolutely! I have experienced its magic in my life. And yet, why does life continue to remain such a struggle for so many? Why is it that manifest remains a concept, a hope and often not a reality…

The reason? Unless we are willing to work on ourselves, nothing happens. And most people want shortcut formulas for all the big things. We want a beautiful life, without making ourselves beautiful. We want abundance, in a mind filled with scarcity. We want Faith, while we hold dearly to fear. We want results, without getting process excellence.

I have come to realize that for everything that I wish to see in the world outside, I have to do what it takes within, along with taking the necessary actions. When my being vibrates with the right energy, with the right thoughts and feelings backed by process excellence, everything in the world outside can be drawn towards me. Manifestation becomes a reality. But it takes work. Self-purification. Commitment. Action. And that is something many of us miss completely. We somehow believe that just going on visualizing what we want will attract it to us.

In my journey of manifesting, I have realized there are three important steps that worked very well. Listing them to see if you relate and find ways to make your dreams and desires come true too…

  • Clarity and Alignment: The very first step towards manifesting anything – big or small – is to have complete clarity as to what it is. Many of us remain unclear and keep wondering why it isn’t happening.

Another important aspect here is alignment. When my desires are in alignment to my nature, manifestation happens easily. For instance, as an author, my innate self is a thinker, a feeler, a believer… I find the greatest peace in words. With this as my being, if I keep wanting to become, say, a politician – where the key personality traits required itself are completely different, I am setting myself for disappointment. Clarity of what I want, and alignment of my desires to who I am – helps set the manifestation process in action.

  • Process Excellence: Somehow motivational speakers and authors of manifestation realize that if they ask you to work towards your dream, it doesn’t sell. But the Truth is, manifestation works only with process excellence. Say you desire health and keep visualizing yourself as healthy, as you keep munching on that junk food, you can be rest assured the only thing you are going to attract is diseases. Manifestation is not irrational. It works on the highest science – and needs to be backed by your intelligent efforts in the direction, to come to life.


  • No Mixed Associations: One of the biggest blocks towards manifesting is, if you have thoughts for and against your desire. A classic example is, you believe rich people are unhappy – but you want to become rich. Now unless you change your inherent belief that rich people can be happy, you will always keep repelling your desire.


Manifestation is not rocket science. It’s a potent, brilliant tool which allows you to live the life you deserve (and more). It works on the above basic principles, and the astounding part is, when you get the above right – you start seeing results which surpass your own expectations. From living in a dream home, to attracting health for my terminally ill mother; from experiencing bliss of love in relationships to drawing spiritual grace, I have experienced the magic of manifestation. But. A big but. I did all that I had to… for it to manifest. Wishing you happy, action oriented, responsible manifesting… in line with who you are, and the Highest good for the world.

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Raghunath October 18, 2023 - 4:08 pm

Three Golden, simple things to follow.
Thank you


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