The God Center

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I believe each of us, have within us, a God center. That sacred, untouched, Silent space from which everything else arises. This space is neither affected by thoughts, nor goes through the ups and downs of emotions. It cares not for judgments, our own or that of the world. It simply is. Still. Divine. The Source.

On a cloudy day, we cannot see the sun. The same way I believe all the noise within, and outside, covers the God Center. And yet, there are glimpses – when suddenly, we experience the quietude. The burst of sunshine. The grace.
I love my God center. It holds me. It nurtures me. The best of my ideas come from it. The greatest of my breakthroughs are born from here. The deepest of my experiences come from this sacred space and when everything stills, I come in contact with this God Center. Sometimes in meditation, sometimes while writing and sometimes, out of the blue, for no rhyme or reason it just happens.

Life is so uncertain. Especially now. None of us expected a pandemic to come and put the world on a pause mode. None of us know what tomorrow holds. Everything is a conjecture at best and its natural to go through so many emotions – ranging from anticipation to anxiety, fear and worry. Strangely, I am not as tossed as I would have been earlier. I like being in control and yet, though there is none right now, I still find myself rooted.

I wondered, what is carrying me through – and the answer I arrived at, is my God center. Though I have momentary alignment issues, somehow I am able to re-orbit myself to my God center. And find the peace. The depth. Just the holding.
We all need some anchoring. Many of us seek this from the world outside. For some their security comes from a title they hold. For others, a relationship. For some it comes from the money they have in their bank. Each of these aids in giving us a sense of familiarity – and confidence – but they are external and hence subject to change. That one relationship which offers you the deepest sense of security – if it alters for some reason, then where do you find yourself? At bay, like a ship without a captain.

I tried to find security in many things outside of me – until I realized the deepest, most unconditional and unchanging one lay within me. My God Center. It is something that nothing in the world outside can influence. No one can take it from me, not even me. It was, it is, it will be. From my first breath to the last. Somehow I feel a deep sense of protection and an immaculate strength in knowing my God center exists.

The more I operate out of this God center, the more abundant and in alignment are my thoughts, words and action. It is my inner compass that constantly points North.

I find the easiest way to find my God center is to be in solitude and focus on my breathing. After a few minutes of simply watching the thoughts crash within, everything dissolves into that space of nothingness.

He has it. She has it. You have it. And I do too. The God Center. Such liberation to know, my strength, my choices, my security – comes from me.

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