The Right Vibe

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I believe, there exist, two worlds. One – which we can see. And second – the one that creates everything that we can see.

The first is the world we perceive with our senses – we see the things and people around us, we take in different sounds and smells, we come in contact with things through touch. The second is the world that we usually perceive with our eyes closed. The world within. The intangible one. The thoughts we think, the feelings we go through, those flashes of intuition.

The first is the outer world. The second, inner.

Have you experienced this? You meet someone – and while they are wearing just the right clothes, speaking just the right words, behaving in a perfectly socially acceptable way – something about you still cringes in their presence. You wonder why, something just does not feel right. The fact is, while the person’s outer world is fine, the world within is probably filled with negativity and thoughts and feelings which are the opposite of what he or she is trying to portray. Your inner world can feel this – and hence “something” does not feel right. You are not sure yourself what this something is.

The converse is also true. There are people – who may not necessarily be dressed to your liking, may not speak the language you even understand, or conduct themselves as you please and yet in their presence something about you blossoms.

Something feels the deepest of love, security, bliss. You don’t know what it is – but you literally come alive in their presence… you feel life itself is worth it, to be with them, even for a few moments. Such beautiful souls carry an abundance of wonderful vibrations which get rubbed onto you, in their presence. As my beloved guru Mahatria so beautifully put it, “When you stay long enough in the rose garden, wont you come, smelling roses?”

These vibrations – in places, and several people – good or bad are actually pretty strong. The only issue is, so caught up are we with the world we see, the one we can touch, that to a large extent we seem to have disassociated ourselves with the world within. We have started believing what we see (and strangely – what we see on places like social media, where everyone is pretty much at their best), rather than what we feel. We have started forming opinions purely on the world outside, rather than consulting the one within.

Whether it is a personal relationship or professional one – I have started doing something that is helping me form much deeper bonds. Rather than jumping in (and realizing – soon enough, I need to jump out) I invest quality time with the people concerned. Post them leaving, and when I am alone, I relive my time with them and see how I feel about it. I visualize the future with them and ask my inner world to respond. I have seen, almost always – it lets me know, what I need to. It prevents me from being foolish – and is helping me to go by what I am feeling – and not just what I am seeing.

Once I decide to trust, I just flow.

But till I don’t, I take some time – and let the inner world guide me on the decisions I take in the outer world.
I have come to realize, not everything that I see is true. And not everything that is true, can be seen. The first person we all need to learn to love and trust is ourselves and this can only be done in solitude and quietude when we are in touch with that Higher intelligence not beguiled by appearances or words.

The right vibe – gives us the right life. Let’s choose well!

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