Woods at Sasan Gir

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Woods At Sasan
I have always loved the word
A bit of this, entwined,
with a bit of that.
And at Woods at Sasan,
I lived every letter of this word.
A slice of paradise where luxury
Rushes to meet Lions
Like long lost
Plush opulence, amidst
Absolute wilderness.
Woods at Sasan awakens you
Early in the morning
To the sounds of the jungle,
And the sight of the sun
Fighting its way
Through a light mist.
Hop into your safari
And onto the treasure hunt
Seeking the golden main lions
In a forest filled with deer
And if you are lucky,
Brush the path with the evasive leopard too.
Breakfast is served to you
Within the forest itself
So eat your way through
Fresh fruits, varied sandwiches and cupcakes,
Drowned by steaming chai in thermos flasks
Within the green, brown deciduous haven.
Come back to Woods at Sasan
And share a story or two
With the ready staff
Waiting to pamper you…
Luxuriate in the spa, or go for a swim,
Time waits for you as you do your own thing.
A short stay,
a mixed bag of memories to take away,
Gujrati gastronomical delights, continental wonders,
Massages, and pottery,
Sunrises in the jungle, sunsets by the pool…
Paradox. Paradox. Go, live this word out too.
Where: Gir National Park, Gujurat
Where to Stay: Woods At Sasan (www.woodsatsasan.com)

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